No one really knows me.
Everyone think I’m so happy and full of joy…. I’m the complete opposite. My thoughts are suicidal and I’m going insane. I might just be a girl you see in hallways or I might be your close friend. But still you don’t know what’s really going on. I wish I could disappear… Run away from home and never come back or take the easy way out, just close my eyes and hope not to wake up in this nightmare I call my life. My boyfriend is everything to me and all I have, I don’t mean to hurt him by this. If I could be with him 24/7 I would finally find hope and faith in my life. He’s the best things that’s ever walked in my life. He’s the only reason why I’m alive, I wish I was as strong as him to be positive about everything. He has me looking forward into living in a nice apartment with him later on being successful and getting married and starting a beautiful family.
I wish my mindset was different that I don’t suffer from depression and suicidal ideas, cutting issues. Have you ever felt that everything would just be better if you were gone. Forever. Yeah I feel that all the time. Feeling unloved by my family, being prisoned at home, treated unfair by my parents, having parents that do nothing than to just make you feel like shit. My parents never cared.

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